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A native Middle Tennessean, I was educated in Rutherford County public schools and graduated as a valedictorian from Siegel High School.

After college, I dedicated my career to the belief that my Christian faith can transform human society, particularly in favor of those who are too often left out and left behind.


From the beginning of my career working for an American president to my experiences as as one of the youngest executive directors of a national faith-based nonprofit in the United States, I've time again stood up to the bullies and fought for the forgotten.


I believe in a politics that represents everyone—the struggling, the striving, and the successful.


I must and will have a particular eye towards those who struggle in any way, particularly at the hands of a government that too often fails to serve the greatest needs and aspirations of its people.


As my faith teaches me, the joys and the hopes, the sufferings and the anxieties of my fellow Tennesseans must be my joys and hopes, my sufferings and anxieties in my life as a public servant.

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