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Christopher Hale delivered this letter to Speaker Glen Casada on Monday, May 6, 2019. You can sign onto the letter below.


Mr. Speaker— 


These past days have been a tremendous scar on the State of Tennessee and our seven million citizens. Tennesseans are decent, hard-working, and proud people.


We don’t deserve to have headlines about your senior staff calling other human beings “thug ni**ers,” texting “black people are stupid,” soliciting sex from interns, snorting cocaine in the State Capitol complex, and being under investigation by local prosecutors for attempting to illegally jail a black activist.


It’s now clear that you were aware of these incidents and participated in many of them throughout the past years, including texting sexually inappropriate comments about young women.


Mr. Speaker, you claim you’re a proud Christian man. In that spirit, I urge you to seek pardon and redemption as a private citizen.


It's time to go. Our state has endured too much. Our people and our children deserve better. 


Tennessee deserves better.


Co-sign our letter demanding that Glen Casada resigns immediately.

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