Christopher Hale delivered this letter to Governor Bill Lee on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. You can sign onto the letter below.


Governor Lee— 


Last night, your spokesperson told The Tennessean you had reserved the right to not comment on the Speaker Casada scandal.

You also refused to comment and intervene after meeting with Christi Rice who—along with two others—credibly accused Representative David Byrd of sexually abusing her as a teenage girl.


Mr. Governor, you have made a habit of not commenting and intervening when men objectify, degrade, and abuse girls and women.


That's not right for a man who ran on Christian values.

It's time to speak up on behalf of seven million Tennesseans and say "enough is enough" and demand Speaker Casada's immediate resignation.

To do so would be to fulfill your January 19, 2019 oath on the Bible to defend the constitution and the welfare of the people of Tennessee.

Co-sign our letter demanding that Bill Lee gets Casada's resignation immediately.

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